RW Gaming Innovations Pvt. Ltd., is part of a leading Group in the gaming and recreation arena in India and Nepal. The promoters have more than 18 years of experience in the Industry, in countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and USA.



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    RW Blackjack is a digital card based game with real chips. The game features automatic game rules for dealer and is easy to operate. Ease of operation brings better number of hands compared to traditional table. Players can enjoy appealing graphics which are attractive and stand distinct with game information.
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    RW Baccarat is automatic digital card game with real chips. Game integrates itself with dealer rules, third card draw rules and winning calculations instantaneously. It uses vibrant graphics that will lure players into playing more hands. Automatic rules enable game to be operated at optimum speed with less man power hence bringing down operational cost to casino.

  • Roulette

    RW Roulette is a fully automatic one table system integrating state of the art wheel, player terminals with touch screen interface, physical key interface to cash in credit and audio visual interface to entice players.

  • RW Miniflush

    RW Miniflush is yet new addition to fleet of digital gaming system from RW Gaming Innovations. MiniFlush is a stripped down version of Flush where players play against dealer. Three cards are dealt to dealer and each player. These cards are ranked to "Trial", "Double Run", "Run" as in conventional Flush game and each result is compared against dealer for WIN / LOST / TIE decisions.